Transit Development Plan

Yakima Transit is submiting to the Washington State Department of Transportation its Six-Year Transit Development Plan and Annual Report.

These documents address state and local long and short-range priorities, capital improvements, planned significant operating changes, program funding sources, and the summary of Yakima Transit’s 2014 operations and planning for 2015-2020.  A copy of the document is available from the link below.

Transit Development Plan (Yakima) 2014, 2015-2020

A hearing was held on August 3rd, 2015.  The plan is expected to go to the Yakima City Council for final approval on September 1, 2015, at their regular business meeting.



The Yakima Valley Conference of Government’s produces the Human Services Transportation Plan for Yakima County.  The 2014 Human Services Transportation Plan can be found at the following link: Yakima Valley Region Human Services Transportation Plan


Future Transit Planning

Yakima Transit is open to comments from the public on the direction that Yakima Transit should take in planning the future of the transit system.  Including both operations & capital expenditures.
Call 509-575-6175 or email us about your innovative ideas to make Yakima Transit a better system.

Yakima Transit has a citizen’s advisory committee made up of various community advocates.  Please contact Yakima Transit, if you are interested in participating.