When hiring employees, Yakima Transit has two separate hiring processes.  If the position has a temporary status, the selection process is facilitated through Yakima Transit.  If the position is permanent, the selection process is facilitated through the City of Yakima Human Resource office. 

When Yakima Transit has job openings they are posted in the Yakima Herald, El Sol de Yakima, and on the city’s website.

Current Openings

There are no current openings.  

Please check back or fill out a job application indicating your interest in a particular position.

Openings for Active Roster

Yakima Transit accepts applications year-round for Transit Operator, Vehicle Cleaner, and Service Worker.  All three of these positions require that the employee first become a temporary employee before becoming permanently employed.  All other Transit openings are typically processed through the City of Yakima’s Human Resource Division when openings become available.

To become a Transit Operator, Yakima Transit only tests for the position once a year, typically in the month of June.  An active waiting list is created from that hiring process that fills positions as they become available throughout the year.  

Due to budget cuts and a potential reduction in the workforce, there will not be an active roster created for July 2014 – June 2015.

Vehicle Cleaner and Service Worker positions are filled when openings occur.

Yakima Transit maintains active rosters for various positions that they intend to fill on a permanent basis.  When a permanent position is opened up, temporary employees along with other general application employees may apply for positions, with the exception of the transit operator position.  Only temporary transit operators may apply for a permanent transit operator positions.  Temporary employees do not get typical employee benefits like vacation time, sick leave, or retirement.  The roster is only good for one year from the date it is finalized.

For further information or to submit an application, please contact Kevin Futrell, EEO Liason, at 509-576-6422 or by email at kevin.futrell@yakimawa.gov.

Applications can be submitted at anytime to Yakima Transit.  All positions posted on Yakima Transit’s website should be submitted directly to Yakima Transit.  All positions posted on the City Human Resource website should be submitted to the City of Yakima Human Resources Department.

Applicants for Transit Operator (Temp), Vehicle Cleaner (Temp), Vehicle Service Worker (Temp), or Department Assistant II (Temp) positions must fill out a job application and submit it to Yakima Transit at 2301 Fruitvale Blvd, Yakima, WA 98902 in order to be considered for employment.

Transit Positions:

Manager – (1 Perm)

Field Operations Supervisor – (2 Perm)

Project Planner – (1 Perm)

Program Coordinator – (1 Perm)

Dispatcher – (2 Perm)

Operator (bus driver) – (28 Perm, 4 Temp)

Service Worker – (2 Perm, 1 Temp)

Vehicle Cleaner – (2 Perm)

Department Assistant II – (2 Perm)

Vehicle Driver – (0 Perm)


Current Openings:



Equal Opportunity Employer

Yakima Transit is a division of the City of Yakima and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Click here to read the Equal Opportunity Policy.